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Happy Birthday to Randy!!


September 11, 2014

happy-birthday-randy-3Today marks a very important day! …. Randy would tell you other wise because he’s never been one of those big “birthday people”.  I happen to be a “birthday person”. I love my birthday and I expect everyone else to love it too! I mean, aren’t we all allowed to love one day out of the year and claim it as OURS?! Birthday’s are fun! And they don’t happen very often and so I believe that they should be celebrated!
But here we are, celebrating another birthday! It’s crazy how fast our years are flying by! It feels like only yesterday I was pulling into your driveway for the very first time to celebrate your 21st birthday – worried that the pie I brought wouldn’t taste good. But it was on that 21st birthday where everyone knew that we would be celebrating many more of your birthdays… together as a couple. Sometimes I can’t believe how blessed I am to have you in my life.

You’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly… and yet you love me anyway. Thank you for always doing the dishes or taking over and cooking dinner when you know I’ve had a long day. Thank you for thinking of things before I do so that I don’t have to stress out when I remember later on. Thank you for supporting me when I go on crazy diets or workout plans. Thank you for having patience when I’m in a bad mood… This really could go on forever. There are so many reasons why I’m so blessed to have a husband like you. And while I can’t list them all, I can list out 25 reasons for your 25th Birthday! Here are 25 reasons why I’m thankful that you are my husband…

1. You love Jesus.

2. You’re trustworthy.

3. You have an amazing smile that lights up the room.

4. You’re an incredible older brother to all of your siblings.

5. You’re constantly reading and learning and always have the answer to my crazy questions!

6. You’re motivated and always want to succeed.

7. You love my family and make them a priority.

8. You take the time to call your grandparents and your parents.

9. You’re constant ability to make me laugh at everything.

10. You never get lost (unlike me…)

11. You continually support me in my photography business. And I love that you love to hang out when I’m editing.

12. You let me listen to Taylor Swift and only laugh a little when I know all the words!

13. You keep us organized when we travel.

14. You make anything and everything fun.

15. You’re strong… like super strong!

16. You’re passionate about helping people, and have always wanted a job that does so – so I love that you’re pursuing firefighting to have a job that does more.

17. You give in with me when I’m craving dessert (even though we shouldn’t sometimes!).

18. You always make me feel safe whenever you’re around.

19. You’re incredibly polite.

20. You constantly ask if there is anything you can do to help me.

21. You would do anything for your family (and now our family).

22. You’re handsome : )

23. You know exactly what to say when I’m upset or have had a bad day.

24. You like to go on walks – and I love when you ask.

25. Last but not least. You’re the love of my life! And I’m so thankful for you and the fun we have together and that I can share everything with you no matter how small or silly it may be! I can’t wait for what this year has in store for you! : )happy-birthday-randy-4

I hope you have the most amazing day! Happy 25th Birthday Randy!!!

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