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October 8, 2014

four-reasons-why-i-blogI have to be honest with you, I had an entirely different blog post scheduled for today. You see, my plan was to share Baby Sophie’s adorable newborn session, that was until the reasons behind why I blog were weighing heavy on my heart. Now, you’re probably thinking that the reasons are obvious, and at first I thought so as well, and then I began to dig a little deeper…and if you’ll allow me, I’d like to share these thoughts with you today.

1. I blog to show current work
I know that this one is obvious, but it is so true. If I wasn’t constantly blogging adorable newborns, beautiful family sessions or styled sessions then my credibility would decrease and I feel as if you would all start to wonder if I was actually a photographer. But the not so obvious reason as to why I share current work, is because I count it an honour every time I photograph a family or newborn session. I want you to see that first time Mom holding her newborn son and the emotion and joy that comes along with it. I want you to see the family fully of energy and life. I want you to feel and experience those beautiful emotions with each blog posted.

2. I blog to show you who I am
I love that I’m able to share with all of you who I truly am, what I love, what my dreams are and what I cherish most! This is so important to me because at the heart of it photography is an extremely personal service. You (my clients) are letting me into your lives and trusting me with some big moments. And so I love that before we’ve even met, you’re able to get to know me and know my heart.

3. I blog for you to share
Each and every one of the families I photograph means the world to me. And so I take the time to curate a beautiful blog for each session, so that you have something to show off to your friends and family. I remember being asked once by a Mom if their family session would make it to the blog, my heart was leaping for joy that she wanted to be featured on the blog and with a big smile I assured it most definitely would! This is just another tool I’m using in helping you further create and cherish these memories.

4. I blog to maintain a personal brand
When I first launched Sarah E Photography, I knew I wanted to create a business that was more then just photographing your family, delivering your photographs and then moving on. My goal was to create a business that each family felt they were a part of. It’s why you aren’t just ‘clients’ but instead for those of you that have hired Sarah E photography, you are a ‘Sarah E Family’. Having a personal brand and allowing you to be a part of it is exactly what Sarah E Photography is all about.

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