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Goals & Resolutions for 2015


January 6, 2015

Happy 2015! Ah! How is it a brand New Year already? This past weekend I was blessed to have my entire family all home together! My brother and his girlfriend have been in Bermuda since the 30th and it has been so wonderful hanging out with them and starting this year off with the people that matter most – family. I also had the pleasure of photographing a beautiful family session!

I’m excited for today’s post because it’s a bit different than in years past! I’m sharing three overarching goals and three big resolutions that I’m hoping to focus on in the New Year! Ah! Here we go –


Goals for 2015:

1) Write From the Heart More Often –
When I first bought my web domain, I did it as a photography student attempting to successfully complete the class assignment to create a website. But as the years have passed, and I’ve grown my business, I feel like I’ve started to connect with so many of you on a personal level and I’ve grown into much more than just a girl with a camera.
It’s time to begin blogging more about my life so I can get to know more about your lives in return. I’m no longer ‘just the photographer’ and I want a blog (and website) that continues to reflect that!

2) Be more Efficient with Work & More Intentional at Home –
Each year in business allows you to grow, improve, and refine your skills! One of the biggest changes I want to implement this year would be my ability to be even more efficient in certain areas of my business (Workflow, Email, Blogging) so that I can spend more time serving my clients in the ways that I enjoy! Finishing my work sooner also allows me to spend more time with my family & friends, which I will be prioritizing in 2015! So that means more intentional time with Randy, my parents and our friends!

3) Travel, Explore, Live Outside of my Comfort Zone – 
One of my biggest goals next year is to get outside of my comfort zone and explore!
I am most inspired when I’m photographing in new places and I am so excited to explore all that Bermuda has to offer.



1) Be Present. Take a Hiatus from the Online World on Occasion.
I will be the first to admit that I enjoy scrolling through my social media feeds! I love seeing what everyone is up to, celebrating in their successes and sharing a bit of my own life along the way! But, the more time I invest online – the farther I often feel from things (and people) that really matter to me… isn’t that crazy? That a device meant to bring us all closer can create these undeniable rifts between us? So, in 2015 I will be taking a few Social Media Hiatuses to break from online life and fill my days with what truly matters… coffee dates with friends, long walks exploring, and being completely ‘device free’ with Randy on the weekend.

2) Take Charge Of My Health –
I never make excuses when it comes to my business.I have family sessions edited in two weeks, emails answered daily, and there is always enough time to check-in online…but I never make time to check in with my health, and thus am always getting sick. I’ve noticed it even more so this past year, and with more families to photograph, enough is enough. I need to make a change and recognize when my body is telling me to rest!

3) Join a ‘Recovering Perfectionists’ Support Group –
Okay, so the title is a bit silly… But I truthfully want to move forward and stop using Perfectionism as an excuse for Procrastination. So often I fail to share what I’m working on because, “it’s not perfect yet” and so many of those projects are pushed to the way-side.  And although I do believe that refining my work is important, there comes a point when I’m simply delaying for the sake of an unattainable ideal. I also feel like I put so many of my crazy big dreams on the back burner because I question whether I deserve, could achieve, or am worthy of accomplishing something… rather than just doing it!



I ended the year photographing 50+ families, which is more then I could have ever dreamed!

It was truly an awesome year and I’m so incredibly grateful for each & every opportunity!

What are your goals for 2015? Do we share anything on our lists?

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