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My First Trimester


November 3, 2016

Thank you all again for your sweet comments and emails about our baby news! I wanted to take some time to share a bit more about my pregnancy so far, and also let you know about my plans for the future. Plus, now that we’re into the second trimester, I thought I would share a little bit more about my first trimester…img_4283(This was at 8 weeks, no bump but as you can see we were so excited!!!)

Morning sickness is the most common complaint of pregnancy and I feel extremely lucky that I only experienced it a few times! Instead, I felt extremely tired, coming home from work every day and having an hour long nap! Now, in my second trimester, I have a lot more energy so I don’t need the afternoon naps (most days!). Usually I’m up a little bit later or waking up a little bit earlier editing and blogging, so I really had to prioritize and you may have noticed some days of skipped posts and Instagrams. While I didn’t have morning sickness I would start to feel a little weak and nauseous if I didn’t eat every few hours. I made sure to have easy snacks close by like nuts, toast with peanut butter, and cheese slices. I just would feel the strong need to get some food in my belly asap! It was a good reminder right off the top that I’m growing a baby inside of me and that needs to be my top priority.

The coolest thing so far about pregnancy has been going in for the ultrasounds. When we went in for our first ultrasound I wasn’t showing at all, except for a little bloat that anyone would just contribute to a big cheeseburger. Then the doctor puts the warm jelly on the ultrasound device, presses it to my stomach, and all of a sudden you see the little outline of a baby appear on the screen! And not only that, but we saw the baby flicker around and move! How amazing that our bodies can do this?! It really is the coolest thing!  I know I will only become more amazed at what my body is able to do in the coming months.


Feeling: I’m feeling even more excited since we’ve finally announced publicly. It feels a lot more real now. I hated holding this secret in but it was also a special time for me and Randy and our immediate family. It’s amazing though to be getting emails and comments from you all with your well wishes and advice. I’m incredibly grateful for all of you!

Craving: No big cravings that have spanned longer than a few days.  For awhile I was craving orange juice every morning, though. It just sounded so refreshing! Actually this craving hasn’t passed! Other random cravings were candy (fuzzy peaches are my favourite!), cereal but only plain cereals like Chex and Multigrain Cheerios, and I know it’s cliche but pickles – but who am I kidding, this is nothing new!

Reading: I’m currently reading Bringing Up Bébé because I’d heard so many good things about it! I’d love any and all book recommendations though! I’m not much of a book worm but I’m trying to change that!

What I’m most excited about right now: I can’t wait to feel the baby move!! They say that should happen in the next few weeks. Apparently it’s like butterflies in your stomach!

As always, I’m so appreciative of all of your support. Thank you for supporting me and Randy and following along on our journey! It means the world!

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