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Annabel’s Second Month


July 11, 2017

ARE-03It’s hard to believe that our sweet girl is two months old!! When they say that babies change fast, they weren’t kidding! I feel as if I’m constantly saying that she looks different every day! It probably doesn’t help that our first month was insanely crazy with back and forth trips to the hospital here and then having to take an air ambulance to Boston Childrens Hospital. But Annabel was amazing through it all (sleeping for BOTH flights and just being an overall easy baby!) So you’ll have to forgive me for not having a one month post done as there weren’t a ton of photo opportunities during this time! Or if they were all of the photographs are from my phone!

At her week late one month appointment she was measuring in the 98th percentile for both her weight and length!! And although she’s been big for her age from the start (hello our 10lb 5oz newborn!) it’s so encouraging to see her growing well! Having my Dad as a doctor I feel like I’m constantly asking him questions like “when will she do this (lift her head) or what age does she start doing that (smiling)!” And then as soon as he tells us the age to expect to see it at we’ve so far responded with how Annabel’s been doing that for months! Ha! We’re definitely those parents that think their child is super advanced and just the best thing ever! Okay lets be honest, what parent doesn’t think that about their baby!! I mean we just love her so much and we’re definitely still in awe that she’s ours and that we’re parents!

Thankfully month two has been a lot less stressful! It’s actually been so much fun! We’ve spent all of month two at HOME (what an answered prayer!!) and so we’ve been trying to get into a bit of routine and really just enjoying our days together! So here are some of the memories from this part of her life that I want to remember!

  • She started smiling! And sometimes she can smile on command, kind of! She adores the camera especially when you ask her “Annabel can you smile for the camera?” It usually works! She just has to be happy and not hungry in order to make it happen but it’s been so much fun seeing her react to us with a big smile!
  • She LOVES music!! Instrumental piano, worship music, Raffi, you name it! If music is playing our baby goes from fussing to calm! (depending on what the fussing was for of course!)
  • She’s starting making cooing noises when she’s excited! And I’m convinced she’s getting ready to giggle!
  • She LOVES bath time with her daddy! She has nothing but eyes for Randy when he’s giving her a bath! I just love the bond that they have!!
  • She’s starting liking her swing a lot more these days! Especially in the mornings, which means that momma can make breakfast and actually eat it!!
  • She loves being held! This girl just loves a good snuggle! Doesn’t matter who it’s with, if you’re willing to hold her she’ll snuggle in and take a nap!
  • She love love loves going for car rides!
  • She also loves her stroller! And going for walks in the botanical gardens!
  • This is the month she started being fine to lay on her own! Wide awake! She can play on her mat for at least a good 20 minutes before needing attention on a good day!
  • She’s spent a lot of time with her family… and I’m so thankful for that!
  • We are slowly getting into a nighttime routine and although it’s not every night there are some nights where she sleeps for 6 hours straight!!
  • She loves morning naps! If she woke up at 5am guaranteed she’ll go back down at 6:30 and sleep until 9:30 or 10! Something about sleeping in I suppose! She definitely didn’t get that from Randy or myself!
  • We’ve had to start transitioning out of her 0-3 month onesies into either solid 3 month or into 3-6 month ones! Slow down time!!
  • She’s a little bit feisty and a little bit dramatic! And I mean that in the best way possible! She’s just got such a spunk to her! She’s not really a crier or a fussy baby but she will let it be known when she’s unhappy with a few short outbursts! But once she’s gotten what she wants she’s usually super happy!!

Here are a few photographs from her second month of life! There aren’t too many photographs since we’re slowly adjusting back into our daily lives but we’re so happy to be home!
(There’s also a few extra photographs that I didn’t have time to upload! Next month we’ll be more organized… hopefully!!) 

ARE-07Her first smile caught on camera! I melted!ARE-021ARE-013ARE-020ARE-08Just a little unimpressed with having to do hand and foot prints…Don’t worry it was washable paint and we bathed her right after! ARE-016ARE-018ARE-015ARE-06ARE-017ARE-012ARE-04ARE-011ARE-05ARE-019ARE-010ARE-014ARE-02ARE-09

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