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Annabel’s Third Month


August 23, 2017

ARE_01Well, I’m about 3 weeks late with this post and soon I’ll be posting Annabel’s four month post! But, better late then never!

So Annabel is three months old! And the time is flying by so incredibly fast. I think this age is my favorite so far… but I feel like I’ve said that each and every month. And I’ll probably say that next month as well! But I honestly think that God gives you something new to love for everything old that you miss. For example:

  • I love that she doesn’t feel as fragile anymore, but I miss the feeling of snuggling with a cuddly newborn.
  • She doesn’t get as “milk drunk” anymore after she finishes eating, but instead she looks up at you with a smile that melts your heart!
  • She doesn’t sleep through as many loud noises anymore, but when we go to pick her up she is full of the biggest and brightest smiles!
  • Her cries don’t sound like a newborn anymore (they’re much louder!)… but her talking and baby sounds make up for it!
  • She’s not as floppy and mold-able like she was as a newborn, but now she’s super snuggly (intentionally!) when you hold her on your shoulder.

So what’s happened during the third month of Annabel’s life? Oh man. So much! Here are some of the memories from this part of her life that I want to remember!

  • We spent 6 wonderful weeks in Canada with Randy’s family! And this meant that Annabel went on her third flight of life… and slept the entire way! We’re SO thankful she’s such a good traveler!
  • She slept in a crib for the first time and she did such a good job! I was a little worried how the transition from her bassinet to the crib would go, but she loved it! More than her bassinet I think!
  • During our time in Canada Annabel met lots of important family members! She met my Nana who isn’t doing so well, and their meeting was so special to me! She met BOTH sets of Randy’s grandparents! She met so many Great
  • She met her Great GREAT Oma who is 100 years old! 100 years difference between the two of them! I just loved seeing their interactions!
  • We taught her how to “give hugs”! And there’s nothing better!
  • She still LOVES Raffi! If she’s fussing in the car and we turn on Banana phone or Down by the Bay, she quickly calms down!
  • She loves to smile but especially with her tongue!
  • She spits up like crazy! So we now have an official bib wearer – otherwise she goes through 3 or 4 outfits a day! But I mean I can’t blame her, her clothes are REALLY adorable!
  • We have a thumb sucker… and oh have we tried to stop this one from happening but no matter what she keeps going back to that thumb!
  • She hasn’t had an episode of SVT in 7 weeks! And we are BEYOND thankful for this! This is probably my most favourite highlight!
  • She’s all about grabbing things!! In a matter of two-three days she went from reaching to being able to GRAB and bring EVERYTHING to her mouth! Yikes!
  • She started giggling and it’s just about my favourite thing yet!
  • She’s truly such a happy baby and we feel SO blessed!

ARE_023ARE_030ARE_022ARE_02Someone was NOT happy to be having their photograph taken!ARE_036ARE_033ARE_034ARE_017ARE_032ARE_025ARE_09ARE_027Her first TRUE tummy time!ARE_037ARE_016ARE_011ARE_08Visiting with my friend Hanna from my University days and her two babes!ARE_031ARE_029ARE_028ARE_012ARE_07ARE_06ARE_05ARE_024ARE_010ARE_021ARE_020Just hanging out with my University friend Diane’s little babe! This was way too cute!ARE_014ARE_013ARE_019ARE_015ARE_04Framing this one!!ARE_03ARE_038ARE_041ARE_040

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